So, this is where many things begin. This blog, my life outside of my parents’ home, my experiences in a country on the other side of the world from everyone I love, apart from my girlfriend, Kristen. There is a swirl of emotions within me right now. I am feeling everything from nervousness to excitement to sheer terror. In this maelstrom, I have almost forgotten why.

Tomorrow afternoon, I board a plane for South Korea, where Kristen and I will teach English for a year. To start with. We might stay longer if we fall in love with the country. Uncertainties lie riddled like mines throughout the immediate past, present, and future. Right now, I can’t quite wrap my head around the extent of change that is about to happen. And I think I might like it.

Up until this point, my existence has been fairly (although not completely) structured:

I have always lived with my parents.

I went to a good school.

I got good marks.

I went to university.

I have never truly known what I want to do with my future.

I have never been able to be truly honest with myself about what I want – my opinion has always been clouded by my circumstances. This is why I like all of the change. Perhaps, when my circumstances have been entirely altered, I may find that clarity within myself that I have been seeking. Perhaps not. But I cannot wait to find out.

And I hope that you will come back, and share my journey with Kristen and I. See you on the other side.


One thought on “Departure

  1. Jodi, this is an amazing opportunity that you have. I can almost understand the mixed emotions that are running through you as I also had to move out of my parents home at the end of last year. But from what I have experienced in the two short months I have been away is a feeling of independence and it’s a way of discovering new things about yourself and those around you. Everything is going to be strange and sometimes lonely when you are missing home. But take each day as though it is your last. Live it fully with gusto and a sense of pride. You and Kris are so brave for doing this. Stay strong and know that you will be missed


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