Crying Children, Bouncing Balloons, and Messupitomia

I have officially completed my first week as a teacher in Korea! While I may not have set the teaching world aflame, I have lasted longer than I thought I would at the beginning of the week, where I was ready to pack my bags and come home.

The last few days had the occasional moment of extreme emotion in the classroom – yesterday, I told the kids to draw what made them happy, and one of the children in my class drew the class. Then today, that same child cried, refusing to sit in the sad chair (so named because they get sent there for making me sad). Despite this, I felt more emotionally stable than I did on my first, comparatively uneventful days of teaching.

The group of teachers has also bonded together far more closely than I had expected. Last night, we spent 45 minutes simply bouncing a balloon with a cat face drawn on it in black koki whilst talking about everything and nothing. We then proceeded to go out together for fried chicken. Then tonight, we all went out again, this time to one of the two bars that are known to be frequented by foreigners in Dongtan. For a while, we were the only people in the restaurant, as many other foreigners in the city only get off of work at 10pm local time. One of my colleagues decided to take this opportunity to drink too much Jameson. We all had a good time, laughing together about children, life in general, and the fact that said coworker called Mesopotamia Messupitomia.

All told, it was a nice start to our first weekend as official teachers in Dongtan. All I need to do is quickly reformat Kristen’s computer (which has contracted a serious virus), and then it will be time for a well-deserved rest, leading in to an even more well-deserved lie-in tomorrow morning. While it doesn’t promise to be the most exciting weekend, it will definitely be one of the most refreshing.


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