The Glory of Honey Citron Tea and ViralGuard

This time last night, I was shivering in bed, running a rather serious fever. Today, I sit in fairly good health (not quite 100 percent yet, but rapidly getting there). To thank for this, I have two treatments: honey citron tea and ViralGuard.

ViralGuard is definitely the more conventional of these two. It is an over-the-counter medication designed for dealing with exactly what I had last night – the early signs of a serious viral illness. It is an old South African faithful, and we brought over (hopefully) far too much of the stuff, just in case our bodies began to threaten us with sickness.

Honey citron tea, on the other hand, is a different beast altogether. It is a remedy I had not seen before I came to Korea, but I am unsure if it is a uniquely Korean medication, or something that many countries in this part of the world has. Essentially, it is a jar filled with honey flavoured citrus meat and rinds, which, when combined with ample hot water, form a tea that is similar in nature to Med-Lemon. It fills your throat and body with a warm glow that immediately makes you feel better, while the citrus raises your vitamin C levels, allowing your body to better defend itself against the viral invaders. Kristen and I both drank two cups of the stuff throughout the day, which allowed us to keep on teaching despite feeling a little achy.

Although, if I’m honest, the best treatment that I received is not alluded to in the title of this post, for it is something that I am one of the lucky few who have experienced it. This secret remedy is the love and care of my girlfriend Kristen, who stayed up with me while my fever was at its worst, worrying over me and generally making sure that everything was okay. She is what helped me get better and, more importantly, what keeps me going every day. I am just grateful that I am honoured enough to call her my better half.


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