Reconnecting to the Internet Feels Like Coming Home

Kris and I have been in our new apartment for a little over a week now. Our Internet was only installed late last week. For our previous time in Korea, we were getting our Internet fix over various WiFi networks littered throughout Dongtan. While it was adequate to get us by and allow me to keep posting these regular (hopefully entertaining) updates, it is a different experience altogether to be connected to the Internet in a place that one can consider to be home, even if that may only be for a year.

Previously, I would have to type which hunched over my laptop perched precariously on my lap on a hotel bed, trying desperately not to move. Moving would likely cause our crummy adapter to fall out of place, and my laptop would instantly die. She’s an old girl – her battery is entirely shot. Otherwise, I would type on my phone, which was a different kind of frustrating. While cellphones may be ideal for typing short messages, they are sub-optimal for typing several-hundred-word blog posts. Typos are easily to lose on the small screen, and there were many a time where Kristen would read a post moments after I posted from my phone and point out a number of errors. I would then hastily correct them, so as not to lose my faithful readers’ impression that I am actually a proficient user of the English language.

Over and above more conveniently updating you lovely people, there are a host of positives to having access to reliable and ridiculously fast Internet. Kris and I have once again begun playing DotA2, our favourite computer game. We were easily able to re-obtain the vast majority of videos and music on Kris’ computer when it needed reformatting after obtaining a virus. We were able to spend the majority of the past weekend bundled in bed watching YouTube videos.

Arguably the most significant change has been our ability to connect with those we love. As I have mentioned, posting this blog is a lot easier when I can do it from the comfort of a chair with no pressure to finish quickly. We can once again check Facebook and other social media on a regular basis. Most importantly, we have begun to Skype our families. These small interactions have helped immensely to cheer us up and lessen any homesickness we have.

However, it also helps drive us forward. We know who we have behind us, and what we are working towards – a life where we can live independently amongst those that we love. And, with a little bit of luck, that is what we will one day be able to do. Between then and now is a seemingly never-ending chasm filled with attention-seeking and demanding children. But with the help of the Internet, you carry us across, closer to our dreams. Thank you.


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