Dad, I’m Sorry

Dad. I’m sorry that this will be the first Father’s Day I’ve missed.

I’m a bit busy right now.

Life is going on around me, and sometimes I need to play my part.


It’s hard being so far away from your calming presence, especially when things get hard or frustrating.

You would do it so much better.

You would be calmer with the kids.

You would know how to show them the wonders of the world

Without flailing like a fish in the bottom of a sodden barrel.


Thank you for all that you have done for me, and for us as a family.

You showed me how to be a man.

Today I shaved my beard

For I am not yet worthy to join the club of men.

Someday I will be.

But until then,

I will always look to you to see how it’s done.


Happy Father’s Day.

Love, Jodi.


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