Chicken, Venting, and the Weekend of Sloth

Tonight marks our first true Friday night since the MERS recovery classes took away the large part of our Saturday, and we most certainly relished it. We left work, ate chicken with our co-workers, and then bumped into one of our friends from around Dongtan on our walk home. All in all, it was an uncharacteristically social start to what we have dubbed The Weekend of Sloth, but a most enjoyable one.

Today, the teacher’s room was filled with a strange mixture of exhaustion from the week and excitement for the weekend. A full two days off? Unheard of! We were all itching to get out of the work doors, and the moment the time came around, we vanished from the face of the office. The majority of us walked to a regular barbeque chicken haunt of ours. We sat down, ordered food, ordered drinks, and were very merry indeed. We spent a couple of hours doing nothing more than eating great chicken, having some beer, and spouting whatever came to our minds. We spoke of everything from children to sports to games, avoiding serious topics so as not to ruin the celebratory atmosphere. Once we had eaten our fill, Kris and I parted ways with the gentlemen on their way to various locales and liquors.

Whilst we were walking home, we bumped into one of our friends, a fellow teacher, albeit from the school a little way from our school. As we walked our mutual way home, talk was far more serious than with our jolly co-workers. We discussed breaches of contract, questionable communication from superiors, and the perils of vegetarianism in Korea. We walked all the way to our house, sat down for a time, and vented some more. It felt good for all involved to get several grievances off of their chest, even if it was not to anyone that could actively do anything to fix the problems whirling throughout the conversation. Once we had all let off necessary steam, our friend left, and Kris and I returned to our normal nightly routine: we played a game of DotA2, read some comics, and generally lazed about the blisteringly hot house, giving off a sweaty glow.

Gloriously, this is to be the trend for the weekend. Apart from a Dungeons & Dragons session on Sunday and grocery shopping tomorrow morning, we are likely to not leave the house or see another human in person. We will not have the chance to do this for another short time, because we are taking trips both next weekend (to a mud festival) and the weekend after that (TO JAPAN). Accordingly, we have dubbed it The Weekend of Sloth. And it shall be wonderful. After spending six days a week at work for the last two weeks, we will relish simply being able to waste some time. Because, after all, time that one enjoys wasting is not wasted at all.


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