Two More Days

We are all burned out. It has been a long, eventful semester. We have endured the MERS, the outbreak that never really broke. We have taken our children from their first days at the school, and led them to being only moderately misbehaved brats. It has been an interesting ride so far. But, for all of us teachers, the fact that we’re focusing on now is that there are only two more days of term before we have our one week of break.

Two more days lie between Kris and I and the shores of Japan. Thankfully, getting a Japanese Visa no longer hinders us – yesterday we managed to pick up our visas. It was in this moment that the excitement that I should have been feeling for the trip since we booked our flights and accommodation hit me, all at once. When we held our passports in our hands, with the necessary piece of paper (complete with awkward photo) resting comfortably in the Visas pages, I felt it all. I beamed like a small child who had been given next month’s allowance two weeks early. I chuckled, giddy with happiness that this obstacle that had stood between us and our dreams had finally shrugged its shoulders and moved aside. For a time, I felt nothing but happiness and excitement.

Then we returned to work, to finish doing our due service. For the past two days, my mind has most certainly been more often outside the classroom than inside it. I picture walking the streets of Tokyo, surrounded by another foreign language, and the imagery that formed a large part of my childhood. I picture going to the Universal Studios theme park, seeing the Harry Potter world that has been constructed there. I picture the festivals and that we will see. Sometimes, I simply cannot contain the excitement within me.

Two more days. That is all that remains. Each lesson that passes is one lesson closer to Kyoto, to Osaka, to Tokyo. Japan, we are coming for you. We have to tend to some children for a little longer first. But we are coming. I hope you’re ready for us.


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