Relax, Take it Easy

For the first time in may weeks, Kristen and I do not have any plans for the weekend, apart from doing as little as possible. This came about through sad means – the playoffs for ROK-U (the Ultimate league we have been participating in) were cancelled due to rain. Nevertheless, we have endeavoured to and shall continue to strive to make the most (or least, depending on your perspective) of our weekend off.

This relaxing weekend came at a welcome time – the new schedule at work (with 20 minutes of additional class time for kindergarten) has meant that we come home more exhausted than we have before. Kris fell asleep at about 9 p.m. three times this week, before waking up a couple of hours later and struggling to get a good night’s sleep after that. I have had less trouble, because I am a light sleeper by nature and I have had writing due on most of the evenings this week.

It felt good to wake up at 9 a.m. (still not that late, but later than we have done for a long while) and proceed to stay in bed until 3 p.m., watching Big Hero 6 and Dota streams. It felt nice to not have to leave the house to fulfill any obligations. While today may be winding down, we still have tomorrow to look forward to.

Writing this post was the only thing I really had to do today, and it feels nice to not have pressure weighing on my mind. I most certainly would rather be on a field trying my damnedest to win a game of Ultimate, but I am also enjoying the alternative. What will tomorrow bring? Maybe a board games meetup with friends, maybe simply many games of Dota and more sloth. I look forward to every moment of relaxation, regardless of what form it takes. Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


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