Once More Unto the Job Market, Dear Friends

The prospect of next year is looming large on the minds of both Kris and I, for differing reasons.  Kris is worried that we simply won’t get the jobs that we desire most, and will risk sacrificing things that we are currently demanding from a position. I, on the other hand, am more worried about what will happen after we get the job, particularly about whether my decision to switch to part-time work will pay off in the long run. So, things are tense. It’s a good thing Christmas is almost here.

We are being a good deal more specific with our job requirements this time around. We are looking for a full-time job for Kristen, a part-time job for me, in one of three cities where there is Ultimate Frisbee, that provides a decent salary. This is considerably more onerous than the ‘Well…I’d like to go to Korea. Busan would be nice, but I’m not fussy’ that was our requirement last year. This has Kris more than a little worried. She fears that we will not be able to get such a combination, and will have to accept a job that does not meet all of them. This is most certainly a valid fear. We compromised last year, so what’s to stop us doing so this year?

I am not nearly as worried about this particular aspect of the plans for next year. Even though we are being picky, we have experience now (not much, but it’s something) and we are already in Korea. They will not have to pay the expense to get us here, because we’re already here. This will make us a more appealing prospect to recruiters and potential companies. I feel that this is sufficient to allow us to be more demanding. I hope that I am not proved wrong.

My main anxiety lies beyond day 1 of the new job. I am electing to switch to part-time teaching (purely to maintain a visa and earn some form of income) and use the extra time to write and cast Dota2. Many may say that this is a not smart decision. However, I have been mulling it over for the last few months, and I feel that both writing and casting are careers to which I am far better suited than teaching. Right now, I am trying to squeeze them in alongside nine hours of full-time employment. I come home exhausted, and still need to try and put my best effort into things that I am genuinely passionate about. This arrangement is not what it should be.

I have discussed it with Kris, and she is kind enough to support me. So, next year, I will be earning a small amount of money, but hopefully become much richer in reputation and talent for casting and writing.

Next year is likely to be a pivotal one for my life (aren’t they all). I am choosing to sacrifice some reliable income and pursue things I am passionate about. I know not whether they will come to fruition, or simply prove a charming failure. But I want to take the chance and try. I want to put myself out there. And every step of the way, you, my loyal readers, will know how it is going.


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