Star Wars: Episode VII

Just go see it. Right now. Stop reading this post and just go see it. I am not going to spoil anything for you, because everyone deserves to experience it without having major plot points revealed before they even consider venturing into the theatre. Star Wars is something that I am passionate about, and with the release of the newest major motion picture in the greatest franchise that has ever been, that passion has been stirred in me once more.

I have loved Star Wars for the majority of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting at a family friend’s house, watching Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. I remember C3-PO sitting, broken into pieces. I remember the music. I remember small details that probably should be taken up with more ‘significant’ information. There was a period of time where I couldn’t watch it at home, because we didn’t have the video tapes.

It was around this time that Episode I: The Phantom Menace came out. I was nine years old at the time. I can recall my feelings in that theatre to this day. It was a school friend’s birthday party. I sat in the darkened room, waiting in anticipation. The moment finally came when the fanfare began to play, and the tale began to be told in yellow words rolling slowly up the screen. I loved every moment of that movie. I even loved Jar Jar Binks, so much so that I regularly spoke Gungan for a long while afterwards. Hey, I was nine okay. We all have our youthful eccentricities.

My love deepened with the release of each of the new prequel trilogy, and with every moment I spent watching the original trilogy on my shiny new DVD player. From Luke’s first steps in exploring the Force, to the climax of Return of the Jedi, to the lightsaber duel at the end of Episode III, I was captivated by the universe created by George Lucas and his team of wizards.

As I got older, I started exploring the Extended Universe, and forming my own opinions with regards to the universe. Han shot first, of course. Jar Jar Binks…well…my love for him ebbed. But my love for the series as a whole only grew deeper. Everyone has the movies that defined them throughout their youth. Amongst mine are the Star Wars films.

When I reached the end of my schooling days and entered university, I found that I was not the only person in my city that was obsessed with the Force. I forged friendships talking about what could have been, what should have been, in the lives of Luke, Leia, Han, and all of the rest of the merry band of rebels. Many of them have lasted to this day, and will likely last the rest of my life.

I owe much of who I am to Star Wars. So, when I say that you should go and see Episode VII, you know that I am a biased source. Maybe you have yet to see a Star Wars movie (like my very own mother). Maybe you know the name of every character in every Episode. Whatever your relationship with Star Wars, go see Episode VII. You may find yourself falling in love, as I have.


One thought on “Star Wars: Episode VII

  1. Dude! Star Wars is so ridiculously awesome! And don’t be led astray by the internet. If you loved Jar Jar for his quirkiness roll with it! I don’t get people who hate the prequels. I was raised on Star Wars (original first because the others hadn’t come out yet) and I loved all of it. Even inept gungan battles.


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