Friends, the Legend dream is dead. I thought I’d be up front about that. I was hoping to update you all saying how proud I was of my new ranks, and how I am close to achieving my goals. Alas, this is not the case, for a number of reasons. I was simply not winning a high enough percentage of games. My aunt arrives tomorrow for a 9-day stay, during which my 6-hour HearthStone marathons will seem a little rude. Finally, I’ve been experimenting with a new deck, and it hasn’t been winning many games. However, it has won over my heart.

For the majority of my HearthStone experience, I have been a player who has played mainly decks that aim to end the game quickly by attacking my opponent before attempting to control the board. With the newest deck that I have been trying, I have pushed my skills further than I think they ever have. In the process, I have also fulfilled an unrelated HearthStone dream of mine. This dream revolves around owning a particular card. Which card is this?


LORD JARAXXUS. Since I first started playing HearthStone, Lord Jaraxxus has been a card that I have wanted to craft, but could never truly justify it. Decks that used Jaraxxus have always included other expensive-to-craft cards that I didn’t have. This meant that, up until recently, I did not have the card pool to use Jaraxxus in an effective way. Until recently. Over time, I have picked up these other cards, unwittingly paving the way for the Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion to burst his way into my collection.

But why have I wanted this card so badly? It’s just a card, right? Not really. He may be a powerful card (hence his expensive-to-craft nature), but he is far from the best card in the game. He fills a particular role, allowing slower decks to continually pile on the pressure as the game goes on.

Also, he just happens to be the most awesome card in the game to me. No contest. Take a look, through this cool video:

Whilst mine may not be golden (as the one in the video is), the responses are still as epic. Up until now, I’ve been fairly stingy with my crafting. Jaraxxus was as much a craft for usefulness as the sheer joy of finally obtaining something you have wanted for a long time.

And he’s won me some games. He’s also lost me some games. Unfortunately for my Legend run, he’s lost more than he’s won. And yet, every time I play the card, I smile. I couldn’t care less. I have been losing without even being salty about it. I may not be closer to Legend, but I’m improving as a player and having fun whilst doing it with the help of my demonic buddy. Maybe I’ll get Legend next month. Maybe Jaraxxus will help me get there. Whether he does or not, I look forward to spawning a host of Infernals and laughing maniacally.






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