Stifled Voices

For the most part, I try to keep this blog as a more upbeat record of my life. But sometimes, there are things that happen in my life and in the world in general that cannot be spun in a positive light. The story of the Brock Turner case sickened me and Kris to our cores. That the American justice system can be so broken as to allow someone who sexually assaulted a woman to get off with a more lenient sentence because it may severely impact his life is saddening.

Read a report of the case here. Get yourself up to speed. This case is probably, rightfully going to be the topic of heated conversations and outrage for a while.

Then, go and read the victim’s statement that she read in the court here. This helps give anyone with the capacity for empathy a harrowing glimpse into the world of someone who has been sexually assaulted. It is also a rallying cry for awareness, strength, and hope that Brock Turner and his ilk can truly learn and change.

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As someone who has never and hopefully will never experience what the young lady in question did, my voice means little. But here is an open letter from a friend of mine who does know where she’s coming from, and it only serves to reinforce the messages of the victim’s statement.

The saddest thing of all is that this case is in no way an isolated one. Rapes and sexual assaults happen every day. Most go unnoticed, un-discussed. For a brief moment, the world takes a break from Trump and Rihanna and worshiping their idols to cry out against this injustice that happens every day. So don’t listen to my voice – I know nothing of their suffering. Listen to theirs. Truly try and comprehend the magnitude of their experiences. Despair for as long as is necessary. Then go out and try and change the situation in any way you know how. Even if, like me, you can only share the voices that need to be heard.

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