Candy is Sick

Candy, a dear part of my existence in Korea, is ill. She had a little too much to drink last week, and she hasn’t quite recovered to a functional level, even now. Her absence has affected my day-to-day goings-about in a noticeable way. But who, you may ask, is Candy? How much did she drink? And how could this permeate the way that I go about my day? Candy, dear readers, is my laptop.

Last week, I was foolish enough to be drinking some water to combat the increasingly omnipresent heat in our apartment whilst watching my daily dose of Kripparian. I do not for the life of me know how it happened, but a small amount of water spilled onto Candy’s keyboard. I was not worried. Last year, Kris spilled an entire cup of tea onto her (nameless) laptop, and it was fine within three days. I simply took out the battery, placed it in rice, turned Candy over, and left her to air and recover from her ordeal.


Image from tumblr

Two days later, I went to her room to check on her. Confident that enough time had passed, I put her battery back in and booted her up. Initial results were promising. The startup sequence began. As I was typing in my password to log in, the screen went black and Candy began to beep obnoxiously.  I groaned in frustration, but I was still relatively unfazed. I would just leave her for a couple more days, in an airier spot, and she would be right as rain.

A few more days later I tried again, with even less success. My optimism was met with a small whirr, black screen, and more confounded beeping. I began to fret. What if something was seriously wrong? Her illness has meant many inconveniences for me. Kris and I have to go to local PC bangs to play games together. I have lost touch with my Skype and Discord conversations, meaning I have written less than normal. I have to hog Kris’ laptop in the evenings to prepare my lessons, which I feel is unfair. They may not be major things, but Candy’s condition has made life harder than it needs to be.

Whilst we could probably afford to repair or replace Candy, I have grown attached to her over the years. She may start up slowly, run most games on low graphics settings, and have blown-out speakers from many years of watching movies and series, but I take this as part of her charm. She shares my hatred of Internet Explorer, often crashing the program in disgust whenever Korean banking systems force us to use it. She knows far more of my personal information than I do. She is home to one of my horcuxes of happiness – her background screen.

Who couldn’t be happy looking at those faces?

Even now, she sits upside down with her dad’s eyes constantly wandering over her, wondering whether she’ll be okay. I will have to take her in for a service soon. I don’t want to though, for many reasons. It will be expensive. It will be far – probably meaning a trip to Seoul. Most of all, I just can’t think of having another laptop right now. She was my first, and that will always be special. Get better soon, Candy.


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