Keep Pushin’ On

Writing 50 000 words in a month is no easy task after all. When I announced that I was going to do NaNoWriMo 2016, I was remarkably confident. 1667 words per day? Easy! And it was. The first few days went by with me exceeding the necessary word counts on a regular basis. I was doing great!

Until I wasn’t. The first signs of a downturn came on the first Friday. I had planned the week so that I wrote enough extra words in the four days to make up for the fact that I wouldn’t be writing at all on teh weekend (it was an Ultimate weekend, so no writing for me then!). However, I just wasn’t feeling writing at all on that Friday. No matter how long I stared at my computer screen or tried to scrape words out of nowhere, they just weren’t coming. So I said I would make it up on the Sunday evening when I got home and had a relaxing day instead. I’d deserved it, I thought. I had worked more than I needed to during the week, and I would be okay.

When Sunday came around, it is probably obvious to everyone that I definitely didn’t do any writing. I was wrecked from the weekend and just wanted to chill. So I did.

This pattern of saying that future Jodi will make up word counts has been an alarming trend of my NaNoWriMo 2016 so far. I did the same thing this past weekend, sacrificing what was going to be a word make up day to hang out in Seoul. Now, I sit almost 10 000 words behind where I need to be, with nearly half the month gone. I am essentially one quarter of the way through my words, but I’ve spent nearly half of my time to get there.  Eep.

But all is not lost. While I may not have the entire month anymore, I still have more than half of it. I have more than 12 000 words now than I had two weeks ago. Thinking of how far I’ve come helps me get motivated for the mountain that I still have to climb. What has also helped is people randomly asking me ‘How is the book coming?’ or saying that they can’t wait to read my book. I have often given up on goals in the past because there was little riding on them apart from my own personal pride and enjoyment. This is bigger than that. By putting it out there that I am doing this, people are waiting for my end result.

Currently, this end result is a long way from finished and even longer from being any good. And yet, with every day that  chip away at the word count, it gets closer to becoming a reality. The road ahead may be harder than it needs to be, and that added difficulty comes entirely from my own poor decisions. It may be uphill, but I am looking forward to puttering along that path, seeing where my story goes, and coming out the other side with a first draft I can hopefully craft into something worth sharing. Now, back to writing!


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